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Chippanee Pool Club

Chippanee's Guest Guide

Please consider the following tips to ensure an enjoyable time at Chippanee.


General Decorum

As we continue to expand our membership, it is more important than ever that we enforce typical country club dress code rules, both on the course and in and around the clubhouse. 
Members and guests must wear proper attire at all times, whether on the golf course, the tennis courts, around the swimming pool or in the clubhouse.  Men must wear collared golf shirts or mock t-necks, and they should be kept tucked in.  Please, no tank tops, cut-offs, cargo shorts, untucked shirts, hats worn backwards, etc.  Denim is permitted in the grill room and patio only.  Bathing suits are not permitted in the clubhouse.  Children under 16 years of age are not allowed in the locker rooms unless accompanied by an adult.  Smoking is only permitted on the golf course and in the locker room lounge areas.

Golf Course Etiquette

Please leave the golf course better than you found it. Replace your divots, rake the bunkers after playing out of them, fix any ball marks that you find on the greens, use the grass seed mix that is provided on all par 3 holes, and use caution when operating golf carts. For those who enjoy playing golf at sunrise, please be aware that the maintenance staff needs to get the course set up for the day, so please let them do their job.  The driving range is open 7 days a week until 1 hour before sunset to allow time for our staff to pick up and clean the balls for the next day. 

Please respect the course when using golf carts.  Do not go past the signs near the greens, and do NOT drive carts on the tee boxes.  If you qualify for a red flag, which allows you to get within 30 feet of the greens, please don't abuse the privelege.  Driving or parking your cart right in front of the green packs down that turf in the main landing area  -  please park 30 feet off to either side of the green. 

Members and/or their guests are responsible for any damage to the carts.


Pace of Play

It is important to keep up with the group in front of you and ahead of the group behind you. Our target time per round is 3 hour 45 minutes.  If you tend to play slower than most, or you're just having a bad day, let the group behind you play through.   Our Wednesday afternoon league is quite large, so pace of play tends to be a bit slower (just over 4 hrs.).  Saturday and Sunday afternoons tend to be populated by family golf, so play tends to be a little slower at those times as well.  Plan accordingly.