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Chippanee Tennis Facility

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860-589-8041  or  860-940-9576


  • Head Pro - Ryan Battisto UPTR

  • 17 years teaching experience
  • Assistant - Joseph Battisto
  • Assistant - Bella Goralski
 General Facility Information
  • Hours:  10 AM to 1 PM and evenings
  • Racquets, grips, stringing, balls, ball machine 
  • Private and group lessons
  • “Call a Friend” program
      (submit your name and start playing)
  • Wednesday evening mixed doubles
  • Junior clinics every Tues & Thurs
  • Bring-a-friend lessons
  • Cardio Tennis clinic
  • Preparation for high school teams and college level training
Enjoy playing on surfaces you won't find just anywhere!  Har-tru is a green colored crushed stone that plays just like a clay surface.  It is a slower surface to play on and it's nice and easy on the knees!  Omni or artificial grass plays very similar to a grass surface.  The play is faster and the ball skips off the surface.  Relax in the shaded patio area in between playing. Fresh ice cold water is provided daily.

Beginners: Learn Basic strokes - forehand, backhands, serves, volleys, foot work, rules, score keeping, and the history of the game.  Children - play various games designed to be fun, while using the skills they have learned.

Intermediate: Work on all fundamentals, strategy, foot work, and competitions.  Begin learning specialty shots:  spin serves, top spin, ground-strokes and lobs, overheads, slices, etc.

Advanced: Work on consistency, fundamentals, strategy, foot work, more competition, perfection of specialty shots.
  • College level lessons
  • Player level ranking available