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2023 Membership Information / Pricing

  • We have something for everyone, from golf, to tennis, or just hanging by the pool.
  • Our golf course is an area favorite and is in unbelievable shape thanks to our first rate maintenance staff and an aggressive budget.
  • We have several established men’s and women’s leagues for you to get involved with, and a junior golf program that is second to none.
  • We have a yearly food minimum plan of $700.  We have an extensive menu, a fantastic Head Chef, and a kitchen and wait staff that takes pride in each meal they prepare and serve. You will be impressed on every visit.

Golf Membership Pricing for 2023

No Initiation Fee!!! NO Assessments!!! NO other Mandatory Fees!!!
New Member    
Single Golfing (age 35 – 69)     $5,300 + tax
Family Premier Golfing (age 35 – 69)    $6,600 + tax
Junior Single Golfer (age 34 or younger)    $3,800 + tax
Junior Family Golfing (age 34 or younger)    $4,800 + tax
Senior Single Golfing (age 70+)    $4,800 + tax
Senior Family Golfing (age 70+)    $6,200 + tax

Social Membership: $1,100.00 plus tax
A Social Membership may be the best deal going depending upon your personal or family needs.  For a fraction of a full membership, you, your significant other and your children* can have full social privileges at the club, including:
   -  One restricted golfer can play 1X per month from June to September and 2X per month in all other months (cart and greens fees are additional).
  Unlimited use of the range and practice area (additional annual fee of $110 for the family or $55 for an individual)
Unlimited access to the restaurant and Grill Room by the member and family
   -  Unlimited use of the Pool and Tennis facilities by the member and family
* Children must live in your home